Pat Condell's Godless Comedy
Unholy scripture A message to racists, and a few words about the Bible.
Recorded August 31st 2007.
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God bless atheism A few questions answered.
Recorded August 3rd 2007.
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Islam in Europe story_id=42748 discriminates-against.html 110§ion=0&article=99378&d=6& m=8&y=2007
Recorded August 17th 2007.
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Why does faith deserve respect? Short answer: It doesn't.
Recorded July 19th 2007.
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What about the Jews? A few words about the chosen people.
Recorded June 29th 2007.
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Politics and religion A deadly combination.
Recorded July 10th 2007.
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The myth of Islamophobia Let's drop this politically correct lie.
Recorded June 21st 2007.
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Origin of the species What's your theory?
Recorded June 13th 2007.
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Catholic morality A contradiction in terms?,%206903 ,%201020400,%2000.html
Recorded June 4th 2007.
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Miracles and morals What do they have to do with each other?
Recorded May 29th 2007.
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